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The Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Maintaining an overall healthy diet not only offers your body the energy and nutrition that it needs to function, but offers several health benefits as well. Here is a list those foods that are the best for you body, and the health benefits that those foods provide. Read More

10 Ways to Beat High Blood Pressure Using Food

Altering your diet to control cholesterol makes perfect sense. Doing it to control blood pressure doesn’t seem quite so straightforward. Yet food can have a direct effect on blood pressure. Read More

Tips for Reducing Salt in Your Diet

Experts agree that the average American diet contains far more sodium than needed. Over the past dozen years, the evidence has tilted strongly in favor of reducing dietary sodium to lower blood pressure and improve health. Yet progress toward lowering sodium has been slow, in part because Americans are accustomed to salty foods. Read More

Even a Little Exercise Can Go a Long Way in Fighting Obesity

While frequent exercise is known to fight obesity and improve mental health, as little as 30 minutes of physical activity one or two days a week can have benefits. Read More

Obesity and Exercise

What To Do When You Can’t Do Traditional Exercises Besides the obvious challenges of being overweight or obese in our world, when it comes to exercise, plus-sized people have even more obstacles getting in their way. Read More

The Role of Spirituality in Healthcare

The effect of spirituality on health is an area of active research right now. Besides being studied by physicians, it is studied by psychologists and other professionals. The studies tend to fall into 3 major areas: mortality, coping, and recovery. Read More ->

Welcome to the Mississippi Bible Study Institute

Dim The Lights My brother and I were driving one evening to Chattanooga, Tennessee, from Atlanta. He was driving the car. And for some reason, the drivers were very discourteous that night. They didn’t dim their lights; hardly any driver that passed by dimmed his lights. I remember very vividly my brother A.D.  looker over more »