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Unmistakable Evidence that God is Real and Alive …..

The Evidence, Faith for Today Television’s production hosted by Dwight Nelson, Senior Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University Berrien Springs, Michigan, brings a brand new opportunity to connect with friend neighbors who need to re-ignite their enthusiam about things spiritual, or to simply introduce them to a God who cares about every facet more »

The Breath of Life Television Ministry

This site presents some of the most provocative messages for present day Christians. There is a message for you today.  Simply highlight and right click the following link:   Hear what the Spirit has to say to you.   RETURN OFTEN!    

Happiness – Key To Health in 2012 – Learn How to Be Happy!!!

Tired of  depression and feeling down? Yes, you can be happy! Learn the keys to happiness and abundant living for 2012. Let us see you smile as you implement the formula provided.  Happy New Year  January 2012 The Habit of Happiness Happiness is an elusive butterfly. If pursued directly, it flirts away beyond our reach. more »

End of Days…?

All humanity is now involved in a great controversy between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God, His law, and His sovereignty over the universe. This conflict originated in heaven when a created being, endowed with freedom of choice, in self-exaltation became Satan, God’s adversary, and led into rebellion a portion of the angels. more »